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A new range of workholding products from JWA Tooling.

Specifically designed to simplify clamping and provide improved support when producing parts by the ‘snap-out’ tab machining process.

Our patented design permits the clamping of rough-sawn billets, with zero distortion, eliminating workpiece preparation and in combination with a rotary axis allows for machining from both sides in one operation.

The combination of three centering vices and seven self-aligning vices provides excellent support for workpieces, particularly where the thickness is small relative to the billet area.

With an adjustable frame and interchangeable supports, the snap-out method can be employed with minimal material wastage and no pre-operations.

Zero Workpiece Preparation

The unique patented design uses combination of 3 fixed-center vices and 7 self-aligning vices. This allows for distortion-free clamping of un-even workpieces.

The fixed-center vices, tightened first, align the workpiece on a 3-point plane. The remaining vices self-align to the contour of the workpiece and lock into position as the tightening force is applied.

Smaller workpieces can be clamped using 3 fixed-center vices and 3 self-aligning vices.

Design Optimised For Tool Access

The vice jaws are contoured to suit short, rigid tool-holders, maintaining cutter stability whilst minimising frame width and tool reach.

Easy Setup

A central positioning screw maintains frame symmetry during the setup process.

Simple Supports For Height Adjustment

Simple supports, cut from square stock, provides adjustment for a range of workpiece heights.

Dimensions & Capacities

ØD H L (MAX.) W (MAX.) T (MAX.) L (MIN.) W (MIN.) T* (MIN.)
VR2525 250 250 150 150 40 70 60 9
VR3028 300 280 200 180 40 70 70 9
VR3531 350 310 220 200 53 80 80 12
VR5040 500 400 300 250 77 100 100 15

* T (MIN.) Maybe reduced for flat workpieces

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