We can produce the most intricate and precise components with perfect repeatability.

Versatile & precise

Using Wire EDM we can produce the most intricate and precise components that are accurate and burr-free with excellent surface finishes and perfect repeatability making Wire EDM one of the most versatile machining processes available today.

Our 5 axis CNC submerged Wire erosion machines can cut pre-hardened materials eliminating the risk of material distortion that can often occur during heat treatment processes, our additional C-axis enables us to cut highly accurate features into cylindrical parts.

Using Wire EDM coupled with our state-of-the-art CAD/CAM facility and expertise we can effortlessly produce exceptionally precise, complex shapes, parallel sidewalls, taper cuts, free curves through a vast array of conductive materials.

Also using a special JWA Tooling designed attachment we are able to cut non line of sight features.


Our FANUC Wire EDM machines can cut a wide range of conductive materials including hard metals and exotic alloys that are extremely difficult or impossible to machine using conventional methods.

Benefits of Wire EDM

  • Tight tolerances with batch to batch consistency
  • No tool wear means unprecedented repeatability
  • Achieve tolerances as accurate as ± 5 micron
  • Intricate contours produced with ease
  • Effortlessly cut hard materials ranging from 0.1mm to 400mm in thickness
  • Superb surface finish every time
  • Creative processes
  • Speed of response
  • Inventive and consultative approaches
  • Flexibility in meeting changes in demand
  • Rapid delivery solutions
  • Access to the best expertise, machinery and technology
  • Customised solutions to meet individual requirements

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