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We work with some of the best companies who are focused on bringing future technologies to a global stage, our state of the art manufacturing plant is managed by high tech production control and quality systems to ensure that our customers receive the best product and solution on time every time.

With decades of experience in proving services for the Automotive and Aerospace industries. We work with global leaders in the following areas.

Precision Engineering

Ultra high precision machined components, CNC Milling, turning, wire EDM & grinding all performed in house with exceptional quality.

ECM Tooling

Special purpose tooling and fixtures for our own machines and retrofitting to all types of machines. Giving our customers improved performance and reduced costs by ingenious design improvements.

This is made possible by our continued investment in computer aided manufacturing and extensive on the job experience.

EDM Tooling

We specialise in the manufacture of EDM tooling for small hole deionised water EDM machines used extensively in the Aerospace component manufacture.

We provide manufacturing services and expertise to developers of future technologies in the Aerospace Motorsport, Defence telecoms and Space industries.

The benefits we guarantee

  • Creative processes
  • Speed of response
  • Inventive and consultative approaches
  • Flexibility in meeting changes in demand
  • Rapid delivery solutions
  • Access to the best expertise, machinery and technology
  • Customised solutions to meet individual requirements

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