Precision CNC surface grinding

We offer a specialist grinding service, we cover a wide range of materials and apertures and can grind to minute tolerances with exceptional surface finishes.

Okamoto Model ACC/DXBV Surface Grinder

Chuck size 600mm x 300mm Automatic wheelhead retraction Automatic downfeed of the wheelhead Digital readout on cross movement Microprocessor controlled with automatic grinding cycles Automatic wheel dressing and size compensation Horizontal spindle type with hydraulic operation to the table traverse Teach in functions for cross movement reverse position Machine equipped for wet grinding with continuous band. Wheel balancing mandrel.


  • One set up for complex components
  • Dramatic reduction of manufacturing costs
  • Eliminate risk of missed operations by doing it all in one hit
  • Turn hours into minutes with high speed manufacturing
  • 100% repeatability guaranteed


Wire EDM

One hit machining

Laser Etch



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